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MBT shoes were functional shoes developed and marketed in 1996 by Swiss Masai Barefoot Technology. The shoe were made of soles similar to the arc of ship, making the person who wear full of a natural feeling of instability in the process of standing and walking, to stimulate the body's own balance adjustment mechanism to mobilize the muscles and bones to participate in balance adjustment, so as to achieve the role of exercise the body's muscles, spine, joints and so on. because the shape of MBT shoes are special, many people call them "shook shoes or swing shoes," or, worse, directly call MBT shoes "ugly shoes", in fact, more appropriate,MBT shoes should be called as fitness shoes or health shoes.

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MBT Shoes: Go Healthy

MBT shoes have recently been seen different magazines and worn by Justin Biber, Stallone and Paris Hilton. The Swiss engineered shoe is the new rave among fitness gurus and those dedicated to fitness. MBT is different for the thick sole and the way it is shaped providing ultimate support to the entire body. Cheap MBT shoes on sale. ..........Read full article

What you don't know about MBT

MBT shoes was launched by a Swiss company - Masai Barefoot Technology in 1996. The shoe buttom is like the arc of ship, and is called "Fittness shoes" or "Health shoes".MBT shoes are on sale now. ..........Read full article

MBT Shoes for Spring 2015 Including Exclusive

All MBT shoes contain a unique technology. This technology creates an unstable shoe that forces the wearer to find his/her own center of balance, which in turn is a natural way to help the body alleviate pressure on various joints and improve posture. The rolling motion created when walking in MBT shoes emulates the feeling of walking on sand, and provides a level of comfort that is unsurpassed by other brands. Customers have reported a reduction of pain in their joints and back when they wear these shoes. MBT on sale now. ..........Read full article

New Exclusive MBT Shoes on Sale now. Featuring the Famous Rocker

MBT shoes are known for casual as well as dressy styles on its patented rocker soles. MBT Shoes are on Sale now. These soles are curved to make the wearer feel as if he is walking on soft, uneven surfaces. It encourage a healthy and more active lifestyle with every step. Many customers have reported that the rocker sole action has helped them alleviate pain in their feet and legs.

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MBT introduces 2015 summer beach boat shoes

MBT reinterprets classic deck shoes, introduce 2015 summer beach boat shoes, full of ocean style stripe design ..........Read full article

MBT spring and summer Maximo Oliveros Mary Jane shoes

MBT spring and summer launched Maximo Oliveros Mary Jane shoes, hollow design sketches colorful flowers, exclusive materials add comfort and cushioning force ..........Read full article

Platform shoes returned to T floor since 2014 autumn and winter

Platform shoes returned to T floor since the 2014 autumn and winter, fashion designer Stella McCartney led the first to bring the original marked "clumsy tacky" label platform shoes through neutral able but no shortage of playful and stylish design back into fashion vision. ..........Read full article

MBT Rocking shoes popular in fashion field

Rocking shoes, formerly known as MBT shoes, but now do as the Romans has changed its name, the girls are now calling it rocking shoes, which is very vivid. ..........Read full article

MBT brand Birkenstock Dundee series shoes

Dundee series is another classic model of German origin slippers benevolent brand Birkenstock, most ergonomic natural blend rubber patented footbed can be effectively and evenly distribute pressure of body weight and generated in walking to the feet ..........Read full article

winter UGG and summer MBT

A lot of people wearing MBT is to lose weight, because wearing MBT to walk can exercise the small muscles around the joints, and increase muscle strength, burn more fat. ..........Read full article