MBT Shoes for Spring 2015 Including Exclusive

All MBT shoes contain a unique technology. This technology creates an unstable shoe that forces the wearer to find his/her own center of balance, which in turn is a natural way to help the body alleviate pressure on various joints and improve posture. The rolling motion created when walking in MBT shoes emulates the feeling of walking on sand, and provides a level of comfort that is unsurpassed by other brands. Customers have reported a reduction of pain in their joints and back when they wear these shoes. MBT on sale now.

Another exclusive MBT shoe is the women's Haifa. This elegant sandal has one adjustable strap around the ankle, and a crisscross strap on the top of the foot. It is available in white or black leather, and is versatile enough to wear with casual or slightly dressy attire. Customers are responding very well to this new addition to the MBT line for spring and summer 2015.

District Manager Andrew Monarch adds, "In the last year and a half, MBT has had tremendous resurgence. We love the new styles, colors and features of these shoes, and our customers have been really excited to be able to continue to purchase this brand. We have been really happy with the expansion in the line and look forward to introducing more and more from this company."