What you don't know about MBT

The reason of arc shape is to make the shoe wearer feel unstable while walking or running and stimulate the body's own balance adjustment mechanism to mobilize the whole body muscle and bone to participate in the regulation of balance, and so as to achieve the exercise of the human muscle, spine, joints and other aspects.

Swiss engineer Karl Muller found that walking on a rice field could reduce his pain in the back during a visit abroad. After he returned to Switzerland, Karl Muller started to develop the barefoot technology by creating an unstable state which is similar to rice field or African tropical grassland. And by years' research, Masai Barefoot Technology finally launched this pair of shoes.

MBT shoes are sold to more than 60 countries all around the world, and enjoy a sale of 4 million shoes each year. MBT shoes are gradually accepted by customers. Stars like Madonna, Schwarzenegger are big fans of MBT shoes. MBT always believes that the way of walking could influence human body's fitness to a large extent, and it's been proved by many scientific researches. MBT attempts to awaken the importance of shoes through MBT shoes and brings the benefit of MBT shoes to everyone in the world.